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ALLMATIC high pressure vice since 1973

TeleCentric on tour!

See our 5-axis vice 'TeleCentric' under real working conditions.

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GRIPP – Clamping System
Who discovered it?

In 2005, our 'T-REX' revolutionized
the clamping of raw parts.

Gripp clamping system in detail:

- High reliability due to its molding
  with high force clamping
- High flexibility when clamping
  due to its various geometries by
  double pendulum
- Short set-up times because
  clamping and grip clamping
  is done in one operation by
  our modified  high-pressure

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GRIPP – Clamping System

5 Sided Processing with
pull down

5 Sided Processing in detail:

- Highest accuracy due to
  pull down
- 5 Sided processing either by
  low tension effect with
  high baking for rectangular
  workpieces or the carrier jaws
  for complex geometries.
- 5 Sided clamping based on 
  vice suitable contruction,
  therefore also suitable for
  conventional machining

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5 Sided Processing

Fast service for spindle repair        

Reparatur-Service für Spindeln

At ALLMATIC we want to minimise down-times and keep your production running smoothly. Our spindle service offers a turn around time of 3 days at an attractive price. Or benefit from our 24-hour repair service including express shipping.

We guarantee a 20-year availability of spare parts.


The Repair Service

Quality creates trust

That's why we extend our warranty period to two years without any limit on shifts - for all new products, and for repaired spindles!


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NC8 - Facelift for a Legend

Extremely durable and low-maintenance

Langlebige und wartungsarme Konstruktion von Maschinenschraubstöcken

To keep the focus on your work, we at ALLMATIC make low maintenance a top priority in the design of our products. The long service life of our machine vices is due not least to the enclosed spindle and strong base.

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