To support the health of our employees, we now offer the “Jobrad”
– a cycle to work scheme!

We as an employer lease the bike, our employees use it whenever they want: On the way to work or in their spare time.
In this way, our employees can keep fit and ALLMATIC also does something good for the environment and their health.



Our employees choose their favourite bike
– whether an e-bike, mountain bike or racing bike –
from all manufacturers and brands online or at their dealer.
We lease the bike and let our employees take full care of it.
This saves them up to 40% compared to the conventional purchase price.

“After a long day in office,
a bike ride on my new “Jobrad” is the perfect balance!“
– Gregor Gareis –





“I always wanted to have a high-end mountain bike according to my wishes,
ALLMATIC now offers me the opportunity to do that
and I save a lot of money at the same time.”
– Peter Koch – 




“I think it’s really great that ALLMATIC offers the “Jobrad”.
I’ve already done a few cycling tours with my colleagues
in the Allgäu region, which of course increases team building even more.”
– Stephan Meyer –