Handling and application advantages increase productivity


ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH is expanding its product range for improved 5-axis machining: the new TeleSense 125 vice with integrated clamping force monitoring offers a whole range of benefits for the user. At the AMB 2022 exhibition, visitors can see this for themselves at Stand F51 in Hall 1.

Anyone who wants to achieve optimum results with a 5-axis machine must clamp their workpieces correctly. ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH is now launching the new TeleSense 125 vice for this purpose. It offers numerous advantages such as a low tightening torque, integrated clamping force monitoring or universal quick change jaws for short set-up times.

High clamping force with low tightening torque

Users are particularly pleased with the low force required for clamping: 40 kN clamping force can be achieved with a tightening torque of just 50 Nm – made possible by a power-ratio spindle. This sets ALLMATIC-Jakob clamping systems apart from many comparable vices that require 100 Nm and more. Working with the torque wrench allows the clamping force to be defined precisely. “The uniform spanner size is also pleasant, as only one interface is required for force setting and clamping,” explains Felix Kiechle, product manager at ALLMATIC Jakob.

Thanks to the integrated clamping force monitoring, the force is always under control when clamping the workpiece and during machining. Fluctuations or a drop in clamping force are immediately apparent. This reduces errors during machining and protects both – man and machine.

The current clamping force is shown directly on the display on the vice. In addition, wireless data transmission to a terminal is possible. A long battery life as well as simple and quick changing of the batteries keep the clamping force monitoring available to the maximum. On request, the vice is also available without a monitoring unit. In this case, the clamping force monitoring can be upgraded.

Universal quick-change jaws help to reduce set-up times

Another advantage of the vice ist the quick change jaws, which enable short set-up times. A jaw change can be done in less than 10 seconds without tools. The universal quick change jaw covers a wide range of different set-ups. Clamping of parallel, round and irregular parts as well as gripping and draw-down clamping are easy to realise. Components can also be clamped reliably without pre-stamping. “This makes it very flexible fort the user,” explains Kiechle. “I can clamp parts pre-machined on the step, use gripp-studs as well as pre-screw a gripp-strip. If the user therefore don’t has to change the clamping jaw as often, this also results in a reduction in set-up times.”

With a jaw width of 125 mm, the 5-axis vice offers a clamping range of 0 to 206 mm. With an extension element, even 281 mm can be achieved – without conversion or changing the base part. The jaw assortment of the NC8, Titan 2, CentroGripp and T-Rex models can be used. This makes the user flexible.

The TeleSense 125 vice has an optimal design for 5-axis machining. The symmetrical design allows excellent accessibility from all sides. This is important in order to take maximum advantage of 5-axis machining.

The trapezoidal spindle itself adapts optimally to the contour and does not protrude anywhere. Since it is completely encapsulated, it does not get dirty or damaged during machining. The high thread pitch ensures a rapid traverse, in which fast pre-positioning of the workpiece is possible.

ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH at AMB 2022: Hall 1, Stand F51