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Repair centre

The repair centre contains all important info for smooth and uncomplicated processing of your repair.
Our aim is for you to receive your repaired high-pressure vice at low cost and as quickly as possible.

Even if you have purchased your ALLMATIC product from a dealer, you can contact us directly for as fast a repair as possible.

General information

What we always require for the repair:

  • complete spindle
  • drive head
  • spindle nut (“slide”)

How to process a repair:

  1. Fill in the form repair order
  2. Dismantle the spindle*
  3. Undo the 4 screws on the pressure plate
  4. Pull out the complete unit
  5. Pack it safely and send it to us

*Differences can be found under the individual product

We complete more than 95 % of all repair cases within 5 working days (from receipt of goods)!

On complete submission: If you send your complete high-pressure vice, the repair time increases. Due to more laborious disassembly and assembly, complete inspection and cleaning of the vice as well as higher shipping costs due to the weight, additional costs of € 70 plus VAT per clamping system are incurred.

You can also order an express repair (within Germany).

Our 10-day promise:

If you do not receive your clamping system back within 10 working days, we will pay the repair costs for you! (this excludes tombstones, see “Repair of special solutions”)

Companies based in Germany can also use the “express repair” option.

We guarantee repair processing and return delivery within 24 hours for an extra charge of € 110. To observe this period, delivery must be made to ALMATIC by 10 a.m. at the latest. Please announce express orders by phone so that they can be processed smoothly.
Tel.: +49 (0) 8377 929 – 358

We carry out most repairs for you at low flat-rate prices.
The flat-rate prices are given in the pricelist and the individual product type below.

Replacement of cast or spindle nuts is not included in the flat-rate prices.
We will always inform you of the additional costs due before beginning with the repair.

Cost estimate: If you also require the flat-rate prices as a cost estimate, we will gladly produce one. However, we must charge you € 60.00 for processing.

Additional services*:

  • Express repair: € 110.00
  • Cost estimate for flat-rate prices: € 60.00
  • Complete submission: € 70.00
  • Further charging of custom duties for third countries: € 29.50

*All repair prices are valid until 31.07.2019 and are exclusive of VAT.

How is a classic spindle repair carried out at our company?

  1. The spindle nut is inspected and gaskets and leaf springs are replaced if necessary
  2. The spindle is disassembled
  3. Defective or worn parts are replaced
  4. The spindle is re-assembled and checked for the specified pressure

After the repair the spindle is like new – we therefore give you a further 24-month warranty!


Please enter your VAT ID no. on the order form. Otherwise we must list the VAT on the invoice.

Third countries:

For payment of import duty from a third country, we must also charge you € 29.50.

In the Netherlands, Romania and Russia, certified service partners are also available locally who are authorised to carry out your repairs to the ALLMATIC standard.

Is the spindle pressure still precise?

It makes complete sense to check the pressure of a spindle from time to time. For this, we shall be pleased to provide you with an pressure load cell for just € 50.00. Simply send us the rental agreement.

Load cell

Tombstones are repaired in the same way as the products installed on the tombstone. Here the flat-rate repair costs of the individual product also apply.

After a crash, send the complete tombstone with damage on the tombstone itself to receive a cost estimate. In this case, the repair takes approx. 2-3 weeks, especially when a replacement, new measurement and re-alignment of the socket are necessary.

Old QC systems are only repaired on request.

Special features per product type

The service for the Basic is valid until 31.07.2038.
Up until this time you can obtain replacement parts, accessories and repairs.

The repair is carried out on the basis of a cost estimate. Please contact us.

Type Price
CENTRO-Gripp 125 € 590.00

Please send in the complete high-pressure vice for inspection.
We will always inform you of the additional costs due before beginning with the repair.

Type Spindle Ø Spindle length Price
DUO 90 24 - 30 mm 465 mm € 590.00
DUO 125 up to year 2010 24 - 36 mm 623 mm € 590.00
DUO-Plus 125 24 - 36 mm 623 mm € 590.00

DUO 90

DUO 125

DUO-Plus 125

Type Spindle Ø Spindle length Price
HD 100 24 mm 145 mm € 355.00
HD 125 30 mm 174 mm € 355.00
HD 160 36 mm 237 mm € 355.00
HD 200 42 mm 316 mm on request

Please also send the upper section with the cast nut for inspection. (Any necessary replacements are not included in the flat-rate prices. We will always inform due of the additional costs due before beginning with the repair).

Note on re-installing the spindle:
Insert the pressure piece into the lower section so that the clamping pressure is built up 
Do you need a new pressure piece? You can find the replacement part in the shop.

Type Spindle Ø Spindle length Price
NC 90 24 mm 257 mm -
NC 125 36 mm 380 mm -
NC 160 42 mm 515 mm -
NC 200 42 mm 515 mm -

NC 90 / 125 to year 1998

NC 160 / 200 to year 1998

Do you still have an “old” NC high-pressure vice up to year 1998? You can recognise by the completely closed lower section and the cover plate. This version does not have lateral slots for draining of the coolant and swarf.

ALLMATIC guarantees 20 years’ availability of spare parts and the repair service.
This service ended on 31.12.2018!

Type Spindle Ø Spindle length Price
NC8 - 90 24 mm 238 mm € 355.00
NC8 - 125 M / L 30 mm 390 mm € 355.00
NC8 - 160 + 200 30 mm 523 mm € 390.00
NC8 - 200 Heavy Duty 30 mm 523 mm € 390.00

NC8 90

NC8 160 / 200

NC8 125 M / L

NC8 200 Heavy Duty

Type Clamping force Spindle Ø Spindle length Price
TC/LC 90 28 kN 24 mm 238 mm € 355.00
TC/LC 125 40 kN 30 mm 390 mm € 355.00
TC/LC 160 60 kN 30 mm 523 mm € 390.00
TC/LC 200 80 kN 30 mm 523 mm € 390.00

TC / LC 90

TC / LC 125

TC / LC 160 und TC 200

Repair on request. Please contact our Service department.

Type Spindle Ø Spindle length Price
TITAN 125 30 mm 390 mm € 355.00
TITAN SC 125 30 mm 390 mm € 355.00
TITAN 2 K 30 mm 312 mm € 355.00
TITAN 2 M / L 30 mm 391 mm € 355.00




Type Spindle Ø Spindle length Price
T-REX 30 mm 220 mm € 355.00

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Mr Ludwig Albrecht
Repair / Service
Tel.: +49 8377 929-358
Fax: +49 8377 929-380

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