ALLMATIC has been producing clamping systems for more than 4 decades.

Nothing else

Since 1973, ALLMATIC has been designing and manufacturing machine vices – and nothing else. We can therefore concentrate all our resources on just one machine type. In such a way that we can offer highly differentiated and modular solutions for the complete range of applications in tool making and machine construction: For small series manufacturers, training centres and series manufacturers.

Thanks to the modular structure of the ALLMATIC clamping systems, their performance can be adapted to your current individual requirements with the corresponding assemblies. This modular system, together with the extraordinary quality of our products, thus makes ALLMATIC clamping systems economical and a safe investment.

How to contact us:

Customer Service
Phone: +49 8377 929-0
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Serial production

Top class mass production

For series production, precision and clamping force are key factors. Here it is also necessary to be able to rely on your clamping systems, because with large piece numbers continuous inspection of all devices involved in production is hardly possible. With one exception: the Clamp assist from ALLMATIC.

One off and small series production

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Prototypes, test units, products for market launches etc. – new designs often also require new production processes. In this case, flexibility is essential to explore limit values and define optimum production parameters. The flexible ALLMATIC machine vices help enormously here: During the test phase, a small turn on the clamping system often led to the realisation of series production.

Vocational training company

All beginnings are easy

How do you clamp “this thing” in “that there”? A frequent question from trainees which trainers know well. Naturally, such questions from trainees arise when they already know something about safety at the workplace and trouble-free production. The trainer willingly answers these questions on ALLMATIC clamping systems – because they are simply designed, versatile and easy to understand. And ALLMATIC is a standard supplier of many leading industrial companies worldwide.

The sky’s the limit, new dimension to our digigal service

Configurate your individual tombstone – in 3 steps only!

The new configurator navigates you through the „product jungle“ in just three steps. You simply define your requirements and receive a qualified recommendation from a new, modular product range of 57 available variants in total.

ALLMATIC Tombstone-configurator


ALLMATIC clamping systems are very durable. Nevertheless, to ensure that you are on the safe side, you receive a warranty of 24 months when purchasing our products. You can even obtain an extended 48-month warranty. How? Learn more…

CAD models

With 3D drawings, you can learn all about the structure and operation of an ALLMATIC clamping system.


Prevention is better than cure – regular maintenance is essential for continuous operability. Our videos and our Service Department explain how, where and when this is to be carried out.


Overview of the latest news on ALLMATIC clamping systems

Automated operation of clamping solutions: RoboBuddy

Automation add-on enables unmanned operation of mechanical vices Automated operation of clamping devices saves costs and set-up times and thus


NEW: TeleCentric in jaw width 125 mm

Short set-up times with high level of flexibility for 5-sided machining 5-axis vice TeleCentric now also available in jaw width


ALLMATIC Sense-series at HCT-App

TeleSense Connect, TitanSense and PocketSense: Monitoring and documenting clamping force digitally in Hoffmann Group Connected Tools (HCT) Clamping force data