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Learning is easier with ALLMATIC
In theory and in practice

With ALLMATIC, the knowledge for correct clamping workpieces is easily imparted. Because the ALLMATIC clamping systems are easy to understand and operate: thanks to their modular structure and ergonomic design, they are ideal for training in vocational colleges and manufacturing companies. Because we know what counts: For decades, our trainees have also completed their internal company training with ALLMATIC clamping systems. Very successfully.

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Maximum safety for clamping of products

Clamp workpieces tightly and safely
This can be learned quickly with ALLMATIC

Occupational safety and good results are paramount in production and for this every movement must be precise. Therefore, an understanding of the technology of clamping systems is so important. The clamping systems of ALLMATIC are tailor-made for this – the functions of our clamping systems are logically structured, simple to explain and thus easy to understand.

In this way, trainees can quickly learn to become productive from the first learning steps onwards. Safely, as the ALLMATIC clamping systems not only firmly get to grips with all conceivable workpieces but also with accident prevention. Product properties such as the power assist ensure maximum safety when clamping. Even inexperienced employees safely and reliably clamp the workpieces from the beginning.

Which vice with which jaw for which workpiece?

React to workpiece shapes and select suitable vice

Maximum work results are only achieved with the selection of the correct tool. Workpieces may be shaped extremely irregularly and the machining forces may also vary as greatly as the type of machine tools.

For this reason, the ALLMATIC systems are designed for all conceivable workpiece shapes and machining types. Their modular structure and the purpose-built accessories allows an extremely large number of various clamping combinations – one of which will always be ideal. In this way, with ALLMATIC, the trainee can soon become familiar with an ideal clamping solution for a machining application. And therefore not have to make compromises.

Clamping examples of various workpieces

´Various clamping tasks – perfectly solved every time

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Introduction to the Gripp technology

Titan SC


The Titan SC is a genuine universal vice. It copes just as well with conventional clamping tasks as with clamping with the Gripp.

  • From the unmachined part to the finished product
  • Unmachined, non-parallel raw materials or workpieces with a wide range of geometries are securely and quickly clamped.
  • 1st and 2nd clamping without jaw conversion
  • Stepless adjustment of the clamping force with the aid of a torque spanner

The new one


The successor to the LC-TC models is ideal for training on 3-axis and 4-axis machining centres.

  • For conventional clamping
  • Tool-less force setting in 4 steps with a mechanical stop for safe operation
  • Equipped as standard with location holes for zero point clamping systems
  • Dimensions identical and jaw interface compatible with LC/TC

The solid one


With a secure hold for higher output…

  • Suitable for heavy-duty machining, individual pieces and
    small series
  • Preferably to be used on conventional milling machines
  • Fault-free work with high clamping force and long-term safety
  • Clamping force pre-setting in several steps enables constant repetition of clamping forces

Training material for trainees

Online training course for trainees
All important aspects of clamping

ALLMATIC knows what is important when clamping workpieces. Our internet video course describes the main points: It consists of 12 consecutive lessons and a final online test. The trainee thus learns the main aspects of clamping and can then verify his or her knowledge with the ALLMATIC certificate. Available in German.

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15 % discount for training centre

Training centres receive a 15 % discount on all ALLMATIC products (*already reduced articles in the area “Sale” and promotion articles are excluded). Simply e-mail us your training accreditation for your voucher. And immediately the complete ALLMATIC range will be available to you at a very favourable price – to solve all clamping tasks.

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Your most expensive machine is the one that is standing still. For this reason, ALLMATIC also carries out necessary repairs within 24 hours.