Attractive entry-level clamping system for 3 and 4-axis machining

In its new NC4 series, ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme will be offering two versatile NC vices for 3 and 4-axis machining from October 2020. The compact vices in 125 and 160 mm jaw widths are operated mechanically and achieve a clamping force of up to 60 kN with just one or one and a half crank turns. With a maximum clamping range of 317 mm, they cover a wide range of conventional clamping tasks. The range of jaws and cast body are compatible with many of the manufacturer’s other series.

The little brother of NC8
With the two vices in its new NC4 series, the manufacturer ALLMATIC is offering a precision solution for many clamping tasks in industrial 3 and 4-axis machining that is both compact and cost-effective. Thanks to the design based on the ALLMATIC NC8 series, the new high-pressure vice with its range of jaws and cast body is compatible with its big brother, whereby the slim design of the NC4 vices concentrates on essential clamping functions. These include finely milled cast bodies, induction-hardened and ground guideways, a thread for workpiece stops as well as low-maintenance and encapsulated high-pressure spindles. Two power ranges are available: Clamping ranges from 0 to 230 mm and 0 to 317 mm as well as clamping forces of 40 kN and 60 kN respectively. This type therefore already covers a wide range of conventional clamping tasks for machining technology.

Ready-to-use quality solution
The customer receives both new high-pressure vices as a complete ready-to-use solution. The new ALLMATIC vices are operated very easily using a hand crank. One real efficiency advantage is that the maximum clamping force of 40 kN (type NC4-125) or 60 kN (type NC4-160) is achieved with just one or one and a half crank turns. Another major plus point is the compatibility of the new vices’ design with the established NC8, LC and TC clamping tool series. This not only ensures that the same clamping jaws can be used for all these series, but also that they can be combined with each other and positioned next to each other – for example, to fix longer workpieces across two or three different clamping tools. The concept of compatibility also means that the new NC4 vices can offer the same maximum clamping forces as their big brothers from the NC8 series. In terms of quality, the user can rely on proven Made in Germany standards.
Since the market launch of the two NC4 vices by the end of this year will also be accompanied by significantly reduced special offer prices, they are recommended as an attractive entry-level solution for many metalworking companies and training firms.