Our profile & our mission

The world’s best clamping systems

For nearly 50 years we have offered our customers machine vices which are easy to operate and ergonomic, by young and old, women or men. Our vices hold the workpieces tight and thus avoid damage to humans and machines. The reliability and precision reduce machine downtimes, allowances, waste and thus costs. The purchase price is also recouped by the very long service life. We are the only vice manufacturer to guarantee a 20-year supply of replacement parts and probably offer the fastest service. In the future, our vices will become even more accessible and intelligent. They communicate with their environment and relieve the strain on your employees even more.

Our aim is to become the worldwide technological leader in the area of machine vices by 2030. By “technological leader”, we understand innovative products which have established themselves on the market. In addition, however, also advances in the processes – such as production, assembly, support, sales, service and administration. A stable, long-term development with a secure profit situation takes priority over growth in turnover and short-term achievement of profits.

ALLMATIC has its ear to the market and processes customer requirements quickly and professionally

The requirements of our customers –
the motor of our developments

The challenges of our customers are the driving for our design department. Because new production processes also demand new clamping solutions. But traditional machining processes can also be made faster, easier and more economical with innovative clamping designs.

We therefore keep a close eye on the requirements of the market in order to also offer clamping systems in future which exactly meet the needs of the industry and skilled trades.

ALLMATIC invests in quality and intelligent clamping solutions. This pays off in everyday life

Intelligent solutions & quality pay off

At ALLMATIC you will find the right clamping system for a large number of clamping tasks: Our product spectrum ranges from high-pressure vices for conventional milling machines to highly complex solutions for flexible machining centres. These are supplemented by special solutions for special requirements.

All ALLMATIC products are characterised by precision, reliability and investment security. But also by excellent consultancy quality and exemplary service – all things which you can expect from one of the world-leading suppliers of clamping devices.

The perspective of our management

With innovation always one step ahead

At ALLMATIC-Jakob in Unterthingau, Germany, we have all departments such as research and development, production, assembly, marketing and sales, service and administration under one roof. We thus bundle knowledge and have very short distances.
Thanks to a balanced generation mix, we use the experience of the older employees and the drive of the youth. We live the tradition of the Allgäu “makers”, who work meticulously on a task until they have found a solution. We combine these values with the creative way of thinking of experts from all over the world.
We create innovations by also using our clamping systems in our own production. We listen to customer requirements and develop customised solutions. Co-operations with research institutes, machine manufacturers, suppliers and market consultants increase our knowledge and expertise.

A strong team

Working for you

With a total of 73 employees, we dedicate ourselves to the requirements of our customers and partners every day as well as the big and small challenges of manufacturing vices.

Factory tour

A little tour

Elena (Industrial clark) and Simon (Industrial mechanic) give you an insight into our company and your everyday work in the training…

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