Solutions for small series manufacturers

Less downtime with flexible clamping systems

Whether for prototypes, test devices or other small series: they all have one thing in common.
Due to the set-up times, valuable machine capacities lie idle. This is where the concept of ALLMATIC takes effect:

  • shortening set-up times
  • minimising standstills and
  • exploiting valuable production potential

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Fast & flexible set-up


When machining small series or individual parts, fast conversions and adaptations to new requirements are important. The ALLMATIC range takes this into account:

Fast replacement of various clamping jaws, comprehensive range of accessories for changing from first to second clamping and location holes for most zero point clamping systems offer maximum flexibility. The range is rounded off with vices which can be simultaneously used for unmachined parts and pre-machined workpieces.


Repeatability due to precise parallel pull-down

The increasing complexity in production and increasing variety of component versions present new challenges for production processes. Because especially in small series production, clamping of a workpiece takes up valuable time.

The proven clamping systems of ALLMATIC, such as the TITAN 2 K-M-L, turn this challenge into a clear competitive advantage. The ALLMATIC pull-down technology prevents the workpiece rising when clamped and positions it extremely precisely in the clamping system. The customer thus achieves a parallelism of ≤ 0.02 mm of the workpiece to the guideway.

Repeatability with ALLMATIC clamping systems is a key factor for reproducible results with consistent quality.

An example of absolute parallelism:

the TITAN 2 K-M-L

  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal CNC-controlled milling machines
  • For conventional clamping, grip clamping and draw-down clamping
  • Clamping of unmachined parts, flame and saw cuts by penetrating the workpiece with hardened and replaceable GRIPP elements.
  • Support jaws clamp unmachined parts of a wide range of materials and complex geometries safely and at low cost

Optimum accessibility / 5-sided machining

Maximum accessibility for
5-sided machining

Carrying out several machining steps consecutively on a workpiece which is clamped once significantly reduces lead times and unit costs. For 5-sided machining, the workpiece must be firmly clamped so that the machining forces do not loosen it in 5 different directions. However, the machine tools must be obstructed as little as possible by the design of the clamping system. For this reason, the corresponding ALLMATIC clamping systems have a minimum and constant interference contour.

The new ALLMATIC solution for 5-sided machining

The TeleCentric 70 K-M

  • Ideal for 5-sided machining
  • Conventional clamping and grip clamping possible
  • Consistent interference contour due to telescopic spindle
  • Simple programming without zero point displacement
  • Allowance of the material symmetrically distributed
  • Access to the workpiece independent of the chuck capacity
  • Rapid jaw replacement in 10 seconds without tools
  • Location holes for zero point clamping system

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With GRIPP systems

intuitive, clever and easy clamping

The Allmatic GRIPP technology is the surest way to clamp complex, irregularly shaped workpieces. The “GRIPP teeth” bite into the material of the blank up to a depth of 1 mm. This ensures optimum form closure between the workpiece and the jaws. In the case of steel, for example, this generates a holding force of approximately 40kN transverse to the clamping force. As a comparison… with smooth clamping surfaces, transverse forces can usually not be greater than 6kN.

Our GRIPP technology combined with the wide range of standard Gripp jaws can dramaticaly reduce set-up time and material costs. You can clamp without the need for costly and time consuming pre-stamping, and complete the first and second milling process with only one pair of jaws. The clamping edge loss can be reduced to 3mm, thus optimising material costs.

The operation of our vices is intuitive, safe and ergonomic. The mechanical force amplifier ensures a clamping force of at least 40kN by only 30Nm torque. The quick and easy positioning of our vices is guaranteed thanks to the standard fixture bores for zero-point clamping systems.

Solutions with the Gripp series

The ALLMATIC T-Rex bites quickly and tightly

  • For irregularly shaped workpieces
  • GRIPP inserts or GRIPP jaws grip fast and tightly into the material of the workpiece
  • Optimum access for 5-sided machining due to the compact basic body and also large chuck capacity
  • Stamping and clamping in only one work step
  • Gripp inserts can be replaced and adjusted manually
  • Fitted as standard with location holes for zero point system

Solutions with the Gripp series


  • From the unmachined part to the finished product
  • Gripping and conventional clamping
  • Unmachined, non-parallel raw materials or workpieces with a wide range of geometries are securely and quickly clamped.
  • 1st and 2nd clamping without jaw conversion
  • Stepless adjustment of the clamping force with the aid of a torque spanner

The sky’s the limit, new dimension to our digigal service

Configurate your individual tombstone – in 3 steps only!

The new configurator navigates you through the „product jungle“ in just three steps. You simply define your requirements and receive a qualified recommendation from a new, modular product range of 57 available variants in total.

ALLMATIC Tombstone-configurator

Solutions – sample case

The ALLMATIC sample case

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: Test the ALLMATIC clamping system of your choice where it is to be used – in your company. Free of charge for 2 weeks.

So that you can learn directly on site …

  • how the ALLMATIC system is integrated into your production processes
  • what your machine operators say about it
  • what increases in efficiency are possible
  • what end results you achieve with it

Centric vice at an
attractive price

CentroLite is the first centric vice that has all the essential functions, but does not dispense with superfluous, costly features. Produced in Bavaria by AllLite, the digital business unit of Allmatic.
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Training Center
for trainees

In a 12-part online video course, your trainees quickly and intuitively learn the basics and application areas of clamping technology. A good addition to the curriculum and a bit of a relief for the instructors.

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CAD drawings

With 3D drawings, you can learn all about the structure and operation of an ALLMATIC clamping system.


The high-quality products of ALLMATIC are also subject to a certain amount of wear. If a repair is necessary, please contact us directly. If required, we shall repair your clamping system within 24 hours.