ALLMATIC machine vice

since 1973

In the early 1970s, mechanical engineering was seeking reliable means of clamping which met the requirements of contemporary production processes. This included the cord machine manufacturer Saurer-Allma, the parent company of ALLMATIC. As Saurer-Allma did not find anything on the market, the company developed a suitable machine vice itself.That was in 1973 – the beginning of the ALLMATIC success story. The universal applications allow a large number of work steps, which increases production efficiency many times over.
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ALLMATIC solutions for ...

one off production, series producers and vocational training companies

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

One off and small series production

In the case of small and pre-series, there are frequently no binding production parameters – this is where versatile clamping systems from ALLMATIC are required. They allow flexible, optimised production processes.

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Top class mass production

Serial production

Precise positioning of workpieces and simultaneously constant clamping forces over the whole machining period - ALLMATIC does this well due to its experience.We equally provide you with support in automating your existing or new production lines in accordance with Industry 4.0.

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All beginnings are easy

Vocational training company

Young people understand ALLMATIC clamping systems quickly and intuitively because they are simply designed and logically structured. Trainees thus rapidly acquire important skills with regard to safe working practices and production processes.

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ALLMATIC product finder and shop

Find instead of search

In order to find the best possible clamping systems for your production straight away, simply enter the parameters for your production - and you immediately have an overview of all suitable products with all important details. There is also free access to detailed 3D drawings.

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Fully informed before purchasing

Several things have to be considered when purchasing capital goods. In the case of clamping systems, our cross-brand consultation helps you to make the right decisions for your success.


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Maximum after-sales support

Did you know that you are guaranteed to receive spare parts and a repair service for your ALLMATIC high-pressure vices for at least 20 years from date of purchase? This is only one of our attractive services. So that your business runs as smoothly and fault-free as possible.



Overview of the latest news on ALLMATIC clamping systems

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