New clamping range adapter for the 5-axis TeleCentric 70M vice

With the new adapter, workpieces from 0 to 200 mm can now be clamped – with just a few handles in just 90 seconds.

On the one hand, uncomplicated and fast handling is an essential quality factor, on the other hand the machine vice must fix the workpiece without compromise and with low vibration. With the clamping range adapter for the TeleCentric 70M we are pursuing precisely this philosophy.

The new adapter reduces the minimum clamping range of the TeleCentric 70 M for stepped and grip jaws from 42mm to 9mm. With the zero jaws, this is even reduced to 0mm. Only 90 seconds and two hexagon socket screwdrivers are needed to mount the adapter. When the clamping range adapter is mounted, however, the maximum clamping range of the step jaws (Art.No.: 6921544010131) is reduced by 40mm. The adapter is compatible with all TeleCentric 70M purchased after 01.10.2020. Older models can be easily converted at ALLMATIC. In the conversion package (375€) ALLMATIC replaces the outer spindle and installs the clamping range adapter.

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