ALLMATIC is shifting gears: a delivery time of just four weeks at the most thanks to intelligent planning

As automation moves in, tombstones are gaining ground. However, even so the number of companies that produce them is still relatively small. In most cases, the tombstone is still a special-purpose solutions that has to be custom-made to meet the specific needs of a given customer. This creates unpleasantly long delivery times. “Enough of that,” said clamping device specialists ALLMATIC who now offers a standardised tombstone portfolio for horizontal machining centres that is available for the customer to use in their production facilities within three to four weeks.

lt only takes three steps to click your way through the online navigator and in just a few minutes, you can put together your ideal tombstone, thanks to the new modular product range with a total of 57 available combinations. “Not only have we reduced delivery times, but we are also the only supplier already adding value when customers visit our website thanks to our innovative online configurator,” explains ALLMATIC CEO Herbert Mayr. For now, they are still a niche player in this segment. However, anyone who knows the name ALLMATIC, knows the high quality and service the Unterthingau team endeavours to provide for their customers.

“Standardizing tombstones propels automation,” says Mayr and thus he and his team are trail blazers. All variations of the ALLMATIC tombstones already meet future requirements thanks to their zero point clamping system. With the 3D data and other technical specifications customers can be sure that the solution they have chosen will match their workpieces and machining centres. The online configurator provides support during the selection process, but it cannot be compared to an online shop. “We wish to reduce the internal processing time, but first and foremost the delivery times for our customers. Being in touch with our customers personally remains high priority for us.” Nevertheless, thanks to the intelligent online tools, it will only take a few minutes, not a few days like before, for you can getan offer for your new tombstone.

At the launch of the configurator, ALLMATIC offers nine different spindles and numerous jaw combinations. This way, raw blanks can be machined using the GRIPP technology, as can rough­ machined workpieces with different clamping widths. Up to 2 workpieces can be clamped on either side; the number and positioning of the clamping sides are determined by each individual customer.

“We took our time to think this through and to develop a modular system with which we can beautifully cover most of the specifications.” What was the brilliant idea that the ALLMATIC developers came up with? This supplier has pre-machined workpieces available that only have to be adjusted to meet individual final specifications. Thus, the company that is based in the Allgäu region in southern Germany is less dependent on their own suppliers and can also offer shorter delivery times for the final product in this segment as well.

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